Physical Computing

Physical computing loan kits

The NCCE has equipped each Computing Hub with a small number of classroom sets of physical computing equipment including packaged sets of:

  • Crumble controllers

  • Micro:bits

  • Raspberry Pi Pico

  • Raspberry Pi 3B+


To find out more about the loan kits and a teacher guide to getting started,

see Teach Computing's

Guide to physical computing kits.

Due to having a limited number of kits, we cannot guarantee availability, but to request a loan from us:

Please fill in our online request form

Note that you must be a teacher in a state-funded school within our geographic region: Gateshead, Durham (north), Newcastle and Cumbria.

Pedagogical reasons for physical computing

Physical Computing offers a valuable and holistic way to engage and motivate learners, support collaboration and build creative links to other subjects.


Programming concepts can be brought to life - with learners actually seeing the results of their code in a physical and tangible form. For example, outputs can involve movement, light and sound, and, by coupling projects with input sensors, many meaningful real-world projects come into reach.

To find out more: see Teach Computing's Pedagogy Quick Read on Physical Computing (Sept 2021).

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Raspberry Pi Pico
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Raspberry Pi
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Gallery of photos

Crumble art
Crumble art - rocket launch
Crumble nightlight
Crumble emergency light
Crumble box buggy
Crumble buggy
Crumble dancing
Crumble designs
Crumble conductivity game
micro_bit alarm box
micro_bit Christmas music
micro_bit halo
micro_bit compass
micro_bit collision detection
micro_bit soil sensor
micro_bit temperature sensor
Raspberry Pi
Pico eggbox buggy
Pico buggies - class
Pico line follower

Some useful links

Crumble/ Micro:bit links


- Crumble software (Redfern Electronics)

- Getting Started with the Crumble (Redfern Electronics)

- 6 lesson resource: Programming A: Selection in Physical Computing (Year 5,



Micro:bit Foundation

- MakeCode - programming environment for micro:bits

- Micro:bit classroom

- 6 lesson resource: Programming B: Sensing (Year 6,

Raspberry Pico/ Pi links


Getting started with Raspberry Pi Pico (Raspberry Pi Foundation)


- 6 lesson resource: Physical computing project (KS4,

Raspberry Pi:

Getting started with your Raspberry Pi (Future Learn)

Teaching physical computing with Raspberry Pi and Python (Future Learn)

Robotics with Raspberry Pi: Build and program your first robot buggy (Future Learn)