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Early Years

Supporting your pupils in EYFS 

From the moment your pupils enter school, most children already have acquired some foundation building blocks in computing. 

There are many resources that support teaching computing in the EYFS. Although not a legal requirement, many schools are choosing to support and harness technology in the EYFS, giving children the best possible start by introducing 'Computational Thinking' elements to the foundation stage curriculum. 

To access support materials from Barefoot Computing from Computing At School please use this link.

The concepts and approaches of Computational Thinking, as outlined in the poster, can be integrated into themes and activities that are already being taught. 

Modifying your current curriculum to incorporate 'plugged' or 'unplugged' computing curriculum enables children to access the computing skills. Unplugged computing activities allows teachers to teach a concept without requiring lots of computing equipment.

Log into the Barefoot Computing Resources to access lesson plans, vocabulary cards, questioning prompts and the guide to Computational Thinking in the EYFS.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about how to adapt your curriculum to build in links to computing through


  • Teacher/adult lead activities

  • Scaffolded activities

  • Child initiated activities

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Child initiated learning
Control activities
Using your themes to as vehicles to teach computing
Develop problem solving skills
Links to other curriculum areas
Revisiting and developing skills
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